Jul 072015






Podcast #006: The vinyl episode! Stereo Dynamite’s Adam Sewell speaks with Paul Miller, President of SAMO Media – one of North America’s premier brokers for vinyl album manufacturing, CDs, and album jackets.

Paul clearly loves what he does for a living; and the conversation centres around topics such as vinyl collecting, Record Store Day, running a vinyl pressing plant, and exposing some myths about the recent hype surrounding vinyl sales. Oh… and Paul’s recent obsessions with obscure German print presses.

Paul and SAMO are a MASSIVE piece of the North American music world – literally a key link in the chain between the artists, fans, retail, and merch tables. His insights and wisdom would definitely be a big help to anyone looking to release their own vinyl album in 2015.

This was a really great conversation – and we hope that you enjoy Podcast #006 with Paul Miller!

About SAMO Media:
Established in 2002, SAMO media has made a name for themselves as North America’s most dependable and competitive source for vinyl, print and CD products. Made up of musicians, record label owners and music fans, our objective is to be a valuable part of the community they rew up in.

With their decade-plus experience in pressing music media, they’ve mastered the art and science of pricing, communication, scheduling and coordination. They also place additional emphasis on often overlooked but critical areas of the process with their dedicated art and freight departments. This attention to detail helps make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible with the best quality and cost in mind.

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Music: The von Drats ‘Phantom Chop’ taken from the album ‘Dratsylvania’ available now worldwide on iTunes, from Stereo Dynamite Recordings.


Apr 152015




Podcast #005! In this unplanned, spur of the moment, and rather informal episode, Stereo Dynamite’s Adam Sewell talks with Trailer Park Boys’ Lucy DeCoutere during her recent trip to Toronto.

Lucy was in town to judge a short film festival, and to open a gallery exhibit of her Instagram photos. (Yes kids… you read that correctly.) The gallery exhibit of her work runs until May 1, 2015 at Giclee Boutique (845 College St. W. Toronto).

Gallery information available at: http://www.qsqinc.com/index.html

During this podcast, Lucy discusses some of the changes with Trailer Park Boys now that the show has moved from Showcase to Netflix; the tug-at-your-heartstrings reasons behind her photo exhibit; her decision(s) to join the Canadian military; and lastly the ongoing situation with former CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi – which recently put Lucy into the international spotlight.

Lucy is an incredibly warm, talented, and funny lady who never fails to brighten up any room that she walks into. We are thrilled to have had her on the podcast, and want to thank her for being so candid about her experiences as of late.

We hope that you enjoy the Stereo Dynamite Podcast #005 with the truly, truly awesome Lucy DeCoutere.

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Music: The von Drats ‘Phantom Chop’ taken from the album ‘Dratsylvania’ available now worldwide on iTunes, from Stereo Dynamite Recordings.

Mar 302015






Podcast #004! In this episode, Stereo Dynamite’s Adam Sewell talks with one of the most outspoken, and controversial voices in the Canadian music industry: Mammoth Cave Recording Co.’s Paul Lawton.

Paul and his partners at Mammoth Cave have recently decided to shut down the label, which has over the years released fantastic albums by artists ranging from Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, and Simply Saucer, to B.A. Johnston, Strange Attractor, and one of Paul’s own groups Ketamines.

The majority of this podcast explores Paul’s history within the Western Canadian music industry, the day-to-day workings of running a Canadian indie label like Mammoth Cave; and the myriad of experiences that have ultimately led to the label’s demise.

However… the last part of the podcast comes around to some topics that Paul is extremely passionate about, including: Gov’t funding for Canadian musicians, and creating a level playing field for all involved. (*Paul is widely known in Canada as the author of the ‘Slagging Off’ blog, and the notorious 2013 ’The Trouble With FACTOR’ post – which quickly thrust him into the national spotlight, earning him the dubious title from the CBC of ’The most hated man in the Canadian music industry’.)

For anyone interested in learning more about Paul’s insights and commentary on these topics, we highly recommend reading the following:

BLOG TO ‘Are Toronto’s indie record labels in trouble?

SLAGGING OFF (Paul’s music industry blog)


‘FACTOR 2014’

We hope that you enjoy the Stereo Dynamite Podcast #004 with the incredibly friendly, and insightful Paul Lawton.

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Feb 172015






Podcast #003! (Damn, that was fast!) In this episode, Stereo Dynamite’s Adam Sewell talks with musician, actor, TV host, writer, and food connoisseur Nobu Adilman – who has appeared on such Canadian TV institutions as Trailer Park Boys, ZeD, SmartAsk, and Food Jammers.

Most recently though, Nobu has turned his attention to the critically acclaimed, crowd sourced musical project Choir! Choir! Choir!

Waaay back in the 1970s, Adam and Nobu both grew up in the Annex, and went to public school together at Toronto’s Huron St. Public School (Huron / Bloor). And what was meant to be a quick half-hour interview, turned into a sprawling 2.5 hour talk about growing up in downtown Toronto, famous friends, and how ultimately Nobu would first move to Japan, and then out to Canada’s east coast – where he would find himself immersed in the early years of the Halifax grunge scene, and the world of Canadian TV production.

For the sake of this podcast, we have edited this conversation down to (mostly) just the last 35 minutes of their conversation where they discuss Choir! Choir! Choir! – and what it takes to organize and execute such an unorthodox project.

Nobu was a fantastic guest, and at some time in the future we may create an addendum podcast made up of Nobu’s insightful conversation cut from Podcast #003.

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Feb 092015






Hey… it’s podcast #002! Stereo Dynamite’s Adam Sewell talks with our good friend Stu Dead from Toronto-based art / merch company Playdead Cult.

It’s nearly impossible nowadays to imagine the Toronto nightclub, and bar scene devoid of Stu’s iconic Playdead logos. Stu / Playdead’s Gothic, cartoon-ish creations now adorn club walls, restaurant doorways, and back alleys throughout Toronto’s entertainment district – and demand for Stu’s custom artwork is at an all-time high.

Taking place in the backroom of the beautiful new Playdead store at 1696 Queen St. W. (at Roncesvalles) this was a fun discussion about the evolution of the Playdead ‘brand’ from the early days of punk rock / skate wear, to commercial interior design work, and high end art pieces.

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Jan 302015






It’s the very FIRST official Stereo Dynamite podcast!

This episode features Toronto punk rock royalty, and rebel rock troubadour CACTUS VELLA. A former member of The Class Assassins, and Sinkin’ Ships, Cactus is currently still a member of Toronto’s acoustic punk collective WHISKEY HEARTS, and owner of graphic design company ANXIETY ATTACK DESIGNS. Cactus talks about growing up in a small punk scene north of Toronto, and the adventures that he’s been on, and the lessons that he’s learned since moving to the big city and becoming one of T.O.’s most prolific, and friendly citizens.

Find Cactus online at: