Feb 202015

Stereo Dynamite’s Adam (Doom) Sewell (Monster Voodoo Machine / Def Con Sound System / Bastard Child Death Cult) joins Corrosion Of Conformity for a blistering version of ‘Hungry Child’. Recorded in Toronto at The Opera House Dec. 9, 2014.

Best Of 2012 – Staff and Family Picks Edition: Adam (DOOM) Sewell.

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Dec 222012

Photo on 2012-12-20 at 13.12 #2It’s been a great year for us here at Stereo Dynamite Recordings and Riot Rock Management. Fantastic new albums from Saint Alvia (‘Static Psalms’), Lacuna Coil (‘Dark Adrenaline’ – the band’s 2nd Top 20 Billboard debut with Riot Rock Management!), and exciting new demos from Ocasan gave us lots to enjoy. And while the new album from Simone Denny is still in it’s early stages, the recordings sound absolutely breathtaking so far. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Simone’s album is definitely going to be a game changer for us here at Stereo Dynamite.

Outside of these recordings, here’s my list of things that got me excited this year:

Nick Waterhouse – ‘Time’s All Gone’ / ‘Is That Clear’ (EP)
Fun, retro garage-ish R&B. Really good live as well.

Lindi Ortega – ‘ Little Red Boots’ / ‘Cigarettes & Truckstops’
I’d always liked a few of the songs that I’d from her over the past few years – but I finally bought both of these albums after seeing her blow Social Distortion off the stage in Toronto. Definitely some timeless classics on these albums.

JD McPherson –  ‘Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights)’
FINALLY got see him live this year. No idea how long we have to wait for a follow up to the ‘S.&S.’ album, so this new single will have to do. Christmas tune or not, the song still rocks. And great to see him taking off worldwide.



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Best Of 2012 – UK Staff Edition: Owen Drew.

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Dec 212012

602618_10151094541212046_868741224_nKeeping a safe distance from the rest of us here in Toronto – our man Owen holds down the fort for us over in London, UK. He’s a non-stop ball of energy, one hell of a fine Tour Manager, and a master of sarcastic barbs.

Jaya The Cat – ‘The New International Sound of Hedonism’
Amazing Dutch / American reggae band who I can totally related to with touring so much.

Bob Mould – ‘Silver Age’
It’s good because it’s Bob Mould. Enough said.

Gojira – ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’
Easily the best metal album that’s come out of France, ever!



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Best Of 2012 – Staff and Family Picks Edition: Mike Charette.

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Dec 202012

469841_320364814716214_853423741_oMike Charette is the man who keeps the trains running on time around here. As master and commander of the Stereo Dynamite Recordings / Riot Rock Management press corps. Mike is the guy who makes us look far more professional than we really are. Oh, and he’s also the lunatic who’s most likely responsible for any destroyed snowmen you may encounter in Toronto. Keifer Sutherland’s got NOTHING on our one-man Frosty wrecking crew.

Gaslight Anthem – ‘Handwritten’
It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of these guys. I really think they have figured out exactly where they are going and what they are trying to achieve with this album. An all around great rock n roll record.



Eamon McGrath – ‘Young Canadians’
Truly a hidden gem. He drives it home on this release. One of the best songwriters I’ve ever come across, seen or heard. A bit of a lost soul and definitely an old head on young shoulders.

Titan – ‘Burn’
About as heavy as it gets and hands down the heaviest album I’ve heard in a long time. Dark and punishing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtcgtCe-JD0

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Best Of 2012 – Staff and Family Picks Edition: Jeremy Shum.

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Dec 192012

226422_7062552949_6097_nOnce the media-relations guru here at Stereo Dynamite / Riot Rock Management, (Jeremy) Shum has since moved on to other things. HOWEVER, he remains a close family member, and still has his hands in much that goes on around here.

Taylor Swift ‘Red’
Pure country pop perfection. Meticiulously crafted by the likes of Max Martin, Shellback, and that douche from Semisonic (I think). If you don’t like the record, your problem’s with the genre, not the work itself.

JD McPherson ‘Signs & Signifiers’
All hail the return of good time rock ‘n’ roll! Scratchin Circles is the Single of the Year.

Baroness ‘Yellow & Green’
The record Mastadon wishes they made. A little long, and like Biggie’s Life After Death, would’ve benefited from culling, a solid double LP with the skeleton of a perfect record lurking beneath a mountain of self-indulgent excess.

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S.D. Blog Update: A Killer Crows Nest Video.

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Dec 022012

Check out this awesome (and rather stylish) video featuring our good friends at Crows Nest Barber Shop in Toronto. The Stereo Dynamite crew are regular clients there, and we’ve actually used the shop for a live band showcase. Good times / good people.

If you’re ever in Kensington Market stop on in!


Spy Crosstown Collection x Crowsnest Barber from Alex Viau on Vimeo.

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