Stereo Dynamite Podcast # 003: Nobu Adilman (Choir! Choir! Choir! / Trailer Park Boys)






Podcast #003! (Damn, that was fast!) In this episode, Stereo Dynamite’s Adam Sewell talks with musician, actor, TV host, writer, and food connoisseur Nobu Adilman – who has appeared on such Canadian TV institutions as Trailer Park Boys, ZeD, SmartAsk, and Food Jammers.

Most recently though, Nobu has turned his attention to the critically acclaimed, crowd sourced musical project Choir! Choir! Choir!

Waaay back in the 1970s, Adam and Nobu both grew up in the Annex, and went to public school together at Toronto’s Huron St. Public School (Huron / Bloor). And what was meant to be a quick half-hour interview, turned into a sprawling 2.5 hour talk about growing up in downtown Toronto, famous friends, and how ultimately Nobu would first move to Japan, and then out to Canada’s east coast – where he would find himself immersed in the early years of the Halifax grunge scene, and the world of Canadian TV production.

For the sake of this podcast, we have edited this conversation down to (mostly) just the last 35 minutes of their conversation where they discuss Choir! Choir! Choir! – and what it takes to organize and execute such an unorthodox project.

Nobu was a fantastic guest, and at some time in the future we may create an addendum podcast made up of Nobu’s insightful conversation cut from Podcast #003.

Find Nobu Adilman online at:

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