Stereo Dynamite Podcast # 004: Paul Lawton (Mammoth Cave Recording Co. / ‘The Trouble With FACTOR’)






Podcast #004! In this episode, Stereo Dynamite’s Adam Sewell talks with one of the most outspoken, and controversial voices in the Canadian music industry: Mammoth Cave Recording Co.’s Paul Lawton.

Paul and his partners at Mammoth Cave have recently decided to shut down the label, which has over the years released fantastic albums by artists ranging from Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, and Simply Saucer, to B.A. Johnston, Strange Attractor, and one of Paul’s own groups Ketamines.

The majority of this podcast explores Paul’s history within the Western Canadian music industry, the day-to-day workings of running a Canadian indie label like Mammoth Cave; and the myriad of experiences that have ultimately led to the label’s demise.

However… the last part of the podcast comes around to some topics that Paul is extremely passionate about, including: Gov’t funding for Canadian musicians, and creating a level playing field for all involved. (*Paul is widely known in Canada as the author of the ‘Slagging Off’ blog, and the notorious 2013 ’The Trouble With FACTOR’ post – which quickly thrust him into the national spotlight, earning him the dubious title from the CBC of ’The most hated man in the Canadian music industry’.)

For anyone interested in learning more about Paul’s insights and commentary on these topics, we highly recommend reading the following:

BLOG TO ‘Are Toronto’s indie record labels in trouble?

SLAGGING OFF (Paul’s music industry blog)


‘FACTOR 2014’

We hope that you enjoy the Stereo Dynamite Podcast #004 with the incredibly friendly, and insightful Paul Lawton.

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