Stereo Dynamite Podcast # 006: Paul Miller (SAMO Media) ‘The Vinyl Episode’






Podcast #006: The vinyl episode! Stereo Dynamite’s Adam Sewell speaks with Paul Miller, President of SAMO Media – one of North America’s premier brokers for vinyl album manufacturing, CDs, and album jackets.

Paul clearly loves what he does for a living; and the conversation centres around topics such as vinyl collecting, Record Store Day, running a vinyl pressing plant, and exposing some myths about the recent hype surrounding vinyl sales. Oh… and Paul’s recent obsessions with obscure German print presses.

Paul and SAMO are a MASSIVE piece of the North American music world – literally a key link in the chain between the artists, fans, retail, and merch tables. His insights and wisdom would definitely be a big help to anyone looking to release their own vinyl album in 2015.

This was a really great conversation – and we hope that you enjoy Podcast #006 with Paul Miller!

About SAMO Media:
Established in 2002, SAMO media has made a name for themselves as North America’s most dependable and competitive source for vinyl, print and CD products. Made up of musicians, record label owners and music fans, our objective is to be a valuable part of the community they rew up in.

With their decade-plus experience in pressing music media, they’ve mastered the art and science of pricing, communication, scheduling and coordination. They also place additional emphasis on often overlooked but critical areas of the process with their dedicated art and freight departments. This attention to detail helps make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible with the best quality and cost in mind.

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Music: The von Drats ‘Phantom Chop’ taken from the album ‘Dratsylvania’ available now worldwide on iTunes, from Stereo Dynamite Recordings.


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