Bastard Child Death Cult


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Bastard Child Death Cult (aka: BCxDC) feature x-members of Toronto bands CANCER BATS, MONSTER VOODOO MACHINE and DAMN 13. The band describe themselves as “a secret society in the underbelly of the Toronto music scene. A collective of noise merchants who will stop at nothing to preserve the city’s legacy of “amps-on-11, adrenalin-overdrive, chaos-at-all-costs” hardcore-punk Rock N’ Roll gospel.” Musically, the band come across as a hardcore-punk mix of old school (Black Flag, Void) and the new school (The Bronx, Victims).

The band’s debut album “YEAR ZERO” was produced by Jon Drew (Fucked Up / Tokyo Police Club) and features a guest appearance by former CURSED vocalist Chris Colohan (currently of Burning Love) screaming bloody murder on several of the album’s tracks.

“We wanted to make a record that had the vibe and intensity of 1982 BLACK FLAG live recordings, and I think we got pretty damned close.” Comments BCxDC vocalist Adam (DOOM) Sewell. “Year Zero has this dirty, timeless, Entombed / Misfits / Disfear / Black Flag – thing happening. It’s a raging 24 minutes of wall of distortion punk rock with zero bad emo / screamo / Bon Jovi pop-punk aftertaste.”

TRACKLISTING: 1.) American Graveyard 2.) Radio Silence 3.) Buzzki.ll  4.) Coffin Dragger 5.) Dead To Me Now 6.) Blackout 7.) Halo  8.) Slave One 9.) Echo Chamber 10.) Black Thorn Rising

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