Arise And Ruin


CD/EP available now for only $2. CDN: 

Ryan Bauchman – vocals
Brent Munger – guitar
Greg Richmond – guitar
Ben Alexis – bass
Derek Prince-Cox – drums

Discovered by Stereo Dynamite Rceordings back when the only people who knew about them were their parents and their pissed-off neighbours, Guelph Ontario’s ARISE AND RUIN have gone on to international exposure through their recording deal with Victory Records.

The band’s debut CD/EP “THE FEAR OF” is where all the raging heaviosity started. Produced by Unearth’s Ken Susi, the CD/EP showcases all of the band’s strengths, and is a must-have for all fans of thrashing mad American metalcore.

1.) Always The Same
2.) Night Shifts
3.) Prologue
4.) In Life
5.) Rex Butcher

+ The Videos:
1.) In Life (Music Video)
2.) In LIfe (Live)
3.) Rex Butcher (Live)

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