Def Con Sound System

Over the past 15 years years, Adam (DOOM) Sewell has used ‘Def Con Sound System’ as a catch-all name for various musical projects and crazy ideas. Things like tracks for film and TV soundtracks, the odd one-off live project, and at one point even a short lived full-on touring band.

This new D.C.S.S. music is his 1976 – 1983 record collection pumped-up and kicked out through a modern day boombox. The Clash, 2-Tone bands, Trojan reggae comps, primitive beatbox hip hop, Eddie Cochran, Adam And The Ants, and spy movie soundtracks. Imported UK 12” vinyl and punk, reggae, funk, and rockabilly fusions.

“On these most recent recordings, I’ve managed to rope in some of my lifelong friends to play on the tracks. These are friends that I’ve played with since 1983.” says Sewell. “To them, music like this is completely second nature. The Def Con Massive: Justin McWilliams, Pat Ferrigan, and Paul Meyers. No one understands what I’m on about like these fine gentlemen do, and together we have a truly special chemistry.”

A first single from the newly reactivated Def Con Sound System ‘PISTOL WHIPPED’ was released worldwide on Oct. 28, 2014.



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